Asking for Help is Not a Weakness
It’s a Strength

It takes Courage to Confront and
Master Your Problems

Fed up with feeling stressed and worn out?

Over not knowing what is going on in your life?

Feeling lost, like a ship without a rudder floating in the ocean?

Craving a clearer understanding of what is happening in your life?

Ready for a psychological tune-up?

“But Phil, why can’t I just fix myself?

You probably already have tried. Sometimes we have moderate success; sometimes, it goes great. Other times? Ehhh, sometimes it just gets worse.

Life is not an easy journey. Change is difficult – it is uncomfortable and challenging. With life events and internal struggles come a host of problematic, frustrating “negative” emotions – sadness, guilt, fear, shame, stress, and anger. Most of the time, men cannot make sense of these things – we have not been taught these skills! So…we act out. And things get worse.

Trying to fix anxiety and depression is like fixing your broken arm with what you have in the garage. It is a whole lot easier with the help of an expert.

As a fully licensed male therapist, I understand. As a couples and family therapist who specializes in working with men, Viktoriya gets it too. 

We can and will guide you along the path to freedom and peace with research-backed techniques so that you can take charge and change your life.

*No hard sell – no cheesy sales tactics – no pressure*

Just a conversation about how we may best be able to help you!

Serving the Areas of South Florida

West Palm Beach – Boca Raton – Fort Lauderdale

Located Off I-95 in East Boca Raton

We are licensed in the State of Florida and can provide Telehealth services throughout Florida (when appropriate). 

Specializing in Men’s Psychology, Men’s Health, and Couples

With extensive clinical training gained from our Master’s degree educations, several advanced assessment and technique trainings, our professional licenses, and experiences in the field, we are uniquely situated to treat a vast host of challenges. 

Overall Practice Specialties

Coping Skills
Communication Skills
Divorce and Separation
Major Life Transitions
Peer Relationships
Poor Self-Esteem/Self-Identity
Relationship Issues

Phil’s Specialties

Alcohol Use
Anger Management
Chronic Stress
Failure to Launch
Men’s Issues Expert
Substance Use
Social Anxiety

Viktoriya’s Specialties

Abandonment Issues
Attachment/Relational Therapy
Collaborative Divorce
Emotional Abuse
Family Conflict
Family Trauma
Father/Single Fathers
Grief & Loss
Marriage & Couples
Premarital Counseling
Solution-Focused Coaching
Spiritual Abuse
Trilingual – English/Russian/Ukrainian

Our Approach

No judgment is passed; only understanding is offered. Our purpose is not to dictate your actions or solve your problems on your behalf. We have no intention of coercing you into change against your will.

In Phil’s approach to therapy, the therapist and client are like companions walking a path together in the woods, with an uneven and dark road that may also be intimidating. As therapists, our duty is to stand by your side, holding a flashlight over your shoulder to guide you toward the necessary steps to take on your own path. Sometimes, we may use sharp sticks or carrots to motivate you, but ultimately, it is your responsibility to put in the effort.

Remember: you are not alone. We are familiar with the path, all you need to do is to take the first step.

How to approach men about going to therapy

Want to get your hands on the free 16-page masterpiece known as “Cracking the Code: Encouraging Men to Therapy” guide?

It’s free, no strings attached. Just use it wisely.

Life-Changing Solutions
Towards an ideal life

Meet with Phil/Viktoriya

Prior to scheduling a session with Phil, gain an understanding of his professional background and experience. Take the time to explore his educational qualifications, such as degrees, certifications, and specialized training, to gauge his level of expertise in the relevant field. 

Men’s Group

Our group is known as “The Stresses of Life” as a reflection of the universal burdens we bear as men. Within this caring and secure space, we come together to share and relieve our worries, while receiving support and guidance from our fellow members, who hold us accountable and inspire us to overcome challenges.

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