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Asking for help is not a weakness, it's a strength

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"But Phil, why can't I just fix myself?"

You probably already have tried. Sometimes we have moderate success; sometimes, it goes great. Other times? Ehhh, sometimes it just gets worse. Life is not an easy journey. Change is difficult – it is uncomfortable and challenging. With life events and internal struggles come a host of problematic, frustrating "negative" emotions – sadness, guilt, fear, shame, stress, and anger. Most of the time, men cannot make sense of these things – we have not been taught these skills! So...we act out. And things get worse.

Trying to fix anxiety and depression is like fixing your broken arm with what you have in the garage. It is a whole lot easier with the help of an expert.

As a fully licensed male therapist, Phil understands. He is human and a man too. He can and will guide you along the path to freedom and peace with research-backed techniques so that you can take charge and change your life.

Psychology Session

Specialty Areas of Practice

With extensive clinical training gained from his Master’s degree education, several advanced assessment and technique trainings, his professional licenses, and experience in the field, Phil is uniquely situated to treat a vast host of challenges. 
Specializing in Men’s Issues, Anxiety/Stress, Addiction/Substance Abuse, and Mindfulness.

Alcohol Abuse

Anger Management

Bipolar Disorder

Chronic Relapse


Coping Skills


Dual Diagnosis

Drug Abuse

Feelings and Emotions

Life Transitions


Men's Issues

Peer Relationships

Relationship Issues

Self Esteem


Substance Abuse

Where to go from here?

If you are still thinking about making a change or have decided to take control of your life, contact Phil for a free consultation or visit his other pages to get more information on how his practice can assist you!



I look forward to hearing from you




Tired of feeling sick and tired? Over not knowing what is going on in your life?

Feeling lost, like a ship without a rudder floating in the ocean? Want to get a better handle on whats going on? 

Do you want to:
Build better relationships? Develop stress management skills? Take charge of life? Achieve more?

Become an epic version of yourself? 

Ready for a psychological tune-up?

Contact me for a free, confidential consultation about how Phil can help.

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