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The Stresses of Life Group for Men

Stress is a part of life –a coping mechanism humans develop to keep us alive.

Nevertheless, when does it become harmful?


We use the term 'stress' all the time – but what does it mean? In our lives, we push past the warning signs that our brain, mind, and body give us to achieve more. Our mothers, fathers, caregivers,  role models, and society taught us that we must be strong and keep moving forward.

No matter what was happening, you put your boots on and went to work. Furthermore, for a long time, it worked. But what happened? It did not work; we just put a Band-Aid on a bullet hole.

We push it down. We say nothing. We keep providing. We keep going.

In 2019, the leading cause of death in men was heart disease. That is 1 in 4 men. Why? We develop unhealthy ways of coping with that stress – anger, substance use (alcohol, drugs, or smoking), unhealthy levels of exercise or a lack thereof), and unhealthy diets, among others. All, as I see it, is an unhealthy way to cope with stress because we were taught otherwise.

To be the best version of ourselves for the people in our lives – most notably, ourselves – we need to understand what stress is, including its influence on our mind, body, and spirit; how to cope with it; and even how to eliminate its effects.

Led by a male therapist, this is what this group is about.

We are here to learn, struggle, and grow together.

You are not alone.  

Group Information

The group dynamic is a powerful tool used for decades, to aid, support, and challenge individuals.

In this group, we will be covering:

  • Stress 101 - what is stress and how does it relate to anxiety?

    • The interplay between the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous Systems

  • Cognitive Restructuring - How our overall perspective is making our stress worse

  • Breathing Techniques

  • Meditation 101

  • Self Care

  • Healthy and Appropriate Boundary Setting

  • Communication Skills

  • And more...

In Person Group Details


Below are the details for the group: 

  • Group size: 8-10 individuals MAX

  • Meets: Thursday evenings - 6:30 - 7:45PM

  • Group will be recurring

  • Group will meet in East Boca Raton weekly

  • Cost: $40 per group - 6 week initial commitment required - paid in advance.

    • Phil asks that you commit for 6 weeks, and then after that its on you.​


Please feel free to contact me for additional questions.

Stress Men's Group - V4 (Wix).png

Virtual Group Details

As of now, there are future plans to launch a virtual group - stay tuned! 

Where to go from here?

If you are still thinking about making a change or have decided to take control of your life, contact Phil for a free consultation or visit his other pages to get more information on how his practice can assist you!


I'd love to hear from you




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